Your Dream Wedding

Today, together, you can be invincible. If you allow me, I can freeze those moments like no one else can, capturing those unforgettable, unique, and magical moments… so that you can relive them whenever you want.

I propose unpublished images for the pre-wedding session, portraying you surrounded by stars and creating dreamlike photos.

Do you have the courage to do something different?

What is astrophotography?

In a nutshell, astrophotography is a blend of photography and astronomy that allows us to capture a glimpse of the night sky that we have lost due to the increasing brightness of city lights.

In my case, I decided to combine two of my greatest passions and offer something new and different in wedding photography, especially during the pre-wedding sessions.

But the most wonderful part of it all is that we begin the session in the afternoon, having carefully selected the locations, and after sunset, we venture into the countryside to share not only a beautiful sky but also a delightful dinner under the stars. This gives us unique and incredibly romantic images.

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