Jausiers France Astrophotography Workshop

A 2-day astrophotography workshop in the mountains coupled with Specialty coffee

Workshops Topics

  • History of photography and how it’s linked to night photography.
  • Theory, cameras, lenses, accessories and sensors. How all of this affects our photos.
  • Apps for planning our trip, including weather forecast and cloud cover.
  • Composition rules and focusing at night.
  • Different rules for exposing at night.
  • Editing tips and tricks to get the most of our images.

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Full Price: 320 €

To reserve your place you must pay the deposit of 243€

The rest (77€) will be paid through a payment link.


Full Price 320€


Max 10 people


14-15 october 2023


Chalet les Moineaux – Jausiers – France


Own single occupancy rooms unless sharing is requested. With dinner and breakfast Included.


The Jausiers workshop is dictated entirely in english.


  • Accommodation
  • Dinner and Breakfast
  • Specialty Coffee
  • Study Material



  • Transportation
  • Equipment
  • Personal travel and equipment insurance


What I'll learn?

From time lapses to 360 panoramas, the workshop includes almost a decade of experience in the field, communicating easily and efficiently how to prepare the night, from the equipment to the clothing you will need, up until the weather forecast, the understanding of the celestial vault and obviously, how to take great astro photos.
Each step of the way will be assisted personally by me, focusing on your level and equipment.

What I'll need?

The recommended equipment to photograph the night sky is pretty basic luckily, you can even capture the milky way nowadays with a smartphone.
Nonetheless, I recommend a couple of things if possible:

  • A manual mirrorless or dslr camera, no matter the sensor, coupled with a wide F4 lens or brighter.
  •  A sturdy tripod, or at least one that can let you add up some weight in the bottom for increased sturdiness.
  • A headlamp with a red light is encouraged.
  • Warm clothing is a must.

Workshop Itinerary

First day, Saturday 14

17h – Presentation. 1st Theory class

2oh – Dinner

21h – 2nd Theory class

22h – Practice & Coffee

Second day, Sunday 15

8h – Breakfast

9h – Editing class

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